Vampire Fangs and Masks

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It’s time to start getting ready for Horror Club with your new vampire look. And if you’re getting ready to flash your fangs on Instagram, these masks and photo-ready fangs arrived just in time!


1. Download the files from the links below and save them on your computer. (To save, right click on each link and click on “Save link as.”) DO NOT print directly from the linked file, as the paper may not align correctly.

2. Go to the downloaded PDF file on your computer. Print and construct each mask according to the instructions. Each mask is on a separate page, so you only have to print the page of the mask you want to make. All of the FotoFangs are on one page; just print all four and cut out the one you want to use.

Remember to read the instructions all the way through before you make the masks or FotoFangs.

Instructions for Making Masks and FotoFangs (PDF file)

Vampire Mask (Male) (PDF file)

Vampire Mask (Female) (PDF file)

Werewolf Mask (Male) (PDF file)

Werewolf Mask (Female) (PDF file)

Carnival Mask (Male) (PDF file)

Carnival Mask (Female) (PDF file)

FotoFangs (PDF file)