Summer Blockbuster Adult Coloring Pages

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Vacation is such a wonderful time – you can relax and enjoy things like a nice cup of tea and a good book – or like colored pencils and adult coloring pages. You’ll have to provide the book, but we’re providing the pages, and they are themed to your favorite summer horror blockbusters.

1. Download the files from the links below and save them on your computer. (To save, right click on each link and click on “Save link as.”) DO NOT print directly from the linked file.

2. Go to the downloaded PDF file on your computer. Print each picture according to the instructions. You can make as many as you want, so why not give them to all your friends!

CLICK HERE for Coloring Page 1 – The Devil with Jaws

CLICK HERE for Coloring Page 2 – Woman Inherits the T-Rex

CLICK HERE for Coloring Page 3 – Opening for a Velociraptor Trainer