Welcome to the Horror House Party Shopping Guide!

McCabria shopping

Here, for your shopping convenience, are some potential holiday gift ideas for your horror-loving friends, or maybe some items you yourself just can’t do without.

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Read the Book – the “Naked Zombie Girl” Comic Book!

Naked Zombie Girl comic book

You’ve seen Naked Zombie Girl – The Movie (or, if you haven’t, you’ve heard all the good things we have to say about it!) – now read Naked Zombie Girl – The Comic Book.

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Hungry? Why Not Have a Zombie Casserole!

Zombie Casserole DVD

Now you can own your very own copy of the horror-comedy Zombie Casserole, the delightfully skewed film created by Beloved Party Guests John Iwasz and Sanj Surati.

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Explore the World of Magic With Jeff Tucker’s “Sixth Key” Series

Jeff Tucker's Sixth Key series

Check out all three volumes in Jeff Tucker’s magical Josie Turner “Sixth Key” series of young adult books (recommended for ages 12 and up).

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Spooky Wax Warmers Just Make Wonderful Scents

terry west - undertaker wax warmer

From Terry West and Halloween Forevermore come amazing horror wax warmers to melt scented wax cubes and impart a lovely fragrance to your home.

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Women in Horror Jewelry Provides a Smart Accent to Your Ensembles

Tonjia Atomic - gnome earrings

Take a few minutes and check out Tonjia Atomic’s line of “Women in Horror” jewelry, where each piece is inspired by a woman horror director.

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Char Hardin Offers Up Menacing Ogres on Kindle

Char Hardin - Ogres of the Hickory Cottage

Char Hardin is pleased to offer Book 1 of her genre (urban fantasy / horror) series, Ogres of the Hickory Cottage.

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Stickers for Future Mad Scientists

science Kids Stickers (close-up)

Have there been signs that your children will be mad scientists? Do they have pin-up posters of Mary Shelley?

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Lacy Scarves – Fashion Accessory and Deadly Weapon

Clarene Isabelle lacy knit scarves

In Southern California, we wear them because they are cool – or because our old ones have blood all over them from the last strangling.

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Horror-Inspired Nail Polish Adds Sparkle to Your Ensemble

Tonjia Atomic Nail Polish inspired by Lord of the Rings

Hot Chick Physics is the only store I know specializing in “trashy-classy, witchy-kitschy, gothic-diva, punk-princess accessories.”

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