“Garden Party Massacre” Is FANtastic’s “Best Screenplay”

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Gregory Blair’s screenplay for “Garden Party Massacre” won the InkTip Award for “Best Screenplay” at San Diego’s 2015 FANtastic Horror Film Festival, held ove Halloween weekend. This award followed right on the heels of his 2014 win for the screenplay his prior film, “Deadly Revisions,” at Philadelphia’s Terror Film Festival.


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The screenwriting awards were sponsored by InkTip – a website that works to put screenwriters who have written scripts in touch with producers and production companies who are looking for scripts. In addition to awarding Blair “Best Screenplay,” the Festival also acknowledged outstanding scripts by second runner-up Melanie Grunder for her screenplay “Canyon Club,” and first runner-up Alexander Surowitz for his screenplay “Encounter.”

As for BPG Gregory Blair, he has admitted to being a “longtime fan” of horror-comedy. “I think horror easily lends itself to comedy because the emotions are so high and the situations are often outrageous,” he stated. “Garden Party Massacre” is Blair’s entry into the horror-comedy subgenre, and can best be described as a “fast-paced, wacky romp.” The film tells the story of a backyard gathering of friends that goes horribly awry when an unexpected guest arrives . . . with a pickaxe . . . and with an attitude. The award-winning has just completed principal photography. The film features a number of personages familiar to readers of this website, including Beloved Party Guests Dawna Lee Heising, Tiffani Brooke Fest, and Marv Blauvelt, as well as BPG Blair himself.

According to Blair, “Garden Party Massacre” will be . . . wait for it . . . a scream. Pun completely intended.

“Garden Party Massacre” is expected to start making the rounds of film festivals in 2016. There is no trailer yet, but you can get an idea of Blair’s sense of humor in his fund-raising teaser video:



You can keep up with “Garden Party Massacre on IMDb, on the film’s website, or follow it on Facebook. You can visit the FANtastic Horror Film Festival on their website or follow it on Facebook. You can also visit the InkTip website.



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