Taryn Hough’s Electro-Cute! Attracts Audiences

Electro-Cute! posterIf you watch Big Bang Theory (and who reading this website doesn’t?), you’re familiar with Sheldon Cooper’s delightful friend who’s a girl, Amy Farrah Fowler – you know, brilliant girl, long, straight brown hair, glasses, has a job teaching monkeys to smoke?  Well, let me introduce you to the talented Taryn Hough – brilliant girl, made a movie in which she plays Pandora – you know, long, straight brown hair, glasses – and who has a production company called Chain Smoking Monkeys Productions.  (These are the things that make my head spin just thinking about them….)

Anyway, Chain Smoking Monkeys Productions made a short film entitled “Electro-Cute!” which had its San Diego Premiere at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival to which I was invited.  Electro-Cute! follows the story of Pandora (played by Taryn Hough, who also wrote and directed this film) as she receives the most unusual birthday gift, an Electro-Cute!, from her mother.  The internet ad (from www.chainsmokingmonkey.com, of course) states that the Electro-Cute! will attract people to Pandora, but the device does not exactly work as promised.  Pandora is attracting attention, all right, but it’s a little different from what she expected.

The high quality of this eleven-minute short film, including its spot-on use of sophisticated visual effects, showed in its five (5) FANtastic nominations.  Electro-Cute! was nominated for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film, Best Comedy Film, Best Special Effects/Make-Up in a Short Film, Best Cinematography in a Short Film, and Best Actress in a Short Film – Taryn Hough.  If you have a chance to see this film, please take advantage of the opportunity.  Electro-Cute! the movie promises to attract audiences – hopefully in a slightly more manageable way than Electro-Cute! the device.

Electro-Cute is not yet rated.  Watch for it at a film festival near you!

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