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Bughuul Preys on Another Family in “Sinister 2″ (review)


As the film stands it is a serviceable sequel to “Sinister,”and I recommend it to fans of the first film.

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“The Gift” Turns Contemporary Social Issues Into Urban Terror (review)


“The Gift,” the thrilling new psychological horror film from Blumhouse Productions, presents two contemporary issues blended into a taut tale of urban terror.

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J-Horror Meets Italian Gore in “Kokeshi” (review)

Kokeshi (movie) Paolo del Fiore

“Kokeshi” is at once a J-horror ghost story and an Italian gore fest (it was originally released with an action-adventure film advertised as ”real Italian grindhouse”).

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“Scary Tales: Last Stop” Going Full Speed Ahead

Scary Tales Last Stop (movie)

I have no qualms about saying that “Scary Tales: Last Stop” is the best of Geno McGahee’s films to date.

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Four Very “Scary Tales” Make One Entertaining Film (review)

Scary Tales Geno McGahee movie

And there’s a sweet Easter egg (perfect season for it, too) in the appearance of … nope, I’m not gonna tell you. You’ll have to read the review!

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McGahee Gives Audiences Food for Thought in “Sickle”

Sickle (movie) review

Sickle-the-character has a graphic-novel-style iconic look that will hold up well as we move along (and he makes good noises, too).

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