March 2015 archive

Four Very “Scary Tales” Make One Entertaining Film (review)

Scary Tales Geno McGahee movie

And there’s a sweet Easter egg (perfect season for it, too) in the appearance of … nope, I’m not gonna tell you. You’ll have to read the review!

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“Spammer” Makes Cthulhu Fun Again! (review)

Spammer (movie) Iwasz and Surati

“Spammer” is pure delight – it’s immediately engaging and laugh-out-loud funny.

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McGahee Gives Audiences Food for Thought in “Sickle”

Sickle (movie) review

Sickle-the-character has a graphic-novel-style iconic look that will hold up well as we move along (and he makes good noises, too).

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“17 to Midnight” Has a Short Film for Every Taste

"17 to Midnight" aka "17 a Mezzanotte" (Italian horror anthology film)

The film showcases 17 Italian short horror films from widespread locations throughout Italy, directed by 18 different directors.

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