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mccabria darque your party hostessThis page will provide you with all the most recent news about and updates to this website.  Look here for news about contests and site changes — for everything you need to enjoy the party!

Movies (& More) House Party Now in Soft Opening

site update constructionAs you, Beloved Party Guests, are already aware, the section of this website that was previously devoted to children was discontinued on April 30, 2015, with the promise of a relaunch under a new name.  The relaunched section — now called “Movies (& More) House Party” — is now in soft opening.  Movies & More House Party is an adult site for party guests ages 13 and over.  It is completely devoted to SciFiFaHo (yes, there will even be some Ho!) and will contain content for all ages.

There will be a corresponding change in the main Horror House Party section as well — the creation of a site dedicated to genre (SciFiFaHo) movies now leaves Horror House Party free to focus exclusively on horror.

As a result of these changes, here are two things you should know:

1.  All website policies (including the website’s “Terms and Conditions”) have been revised as of July 2, 2015, to reflect the change to Movies (& More), and to reflect the site’s becoming an amazon.com affiliate.

2.  Some of your archived links may change as I realign content with the appropriate website.

May – June Hiatus

site update constructionBeloved Party Guests: Horror House Party will not be publishing for the month of May for … reasons.  I will be finishing the site changes (mostly behind the scenes) to get ready for the relaunch of the “Movies & More House Party” site on June 1st. Please continue to send me press releases and films to review, even though they probably won’t get published until June (maybe a few will). Thanks for your understanding.

Update:  The site’s hiatus will extend through June for … more reasons (I returned home from my trip very ill and am unable to work on the website at this time).  Additionally, the relaunch of the second section of the website — to be called “Movies & More” Horror House Party — will be pushed back July 1, 2015.


One Up, One Down

site update constructionWordPress is still “fixing” things on the page. That’s good and bad. As of today, the sidebar app that lets me post series has been fixed, so that’s a good thing. Right now, the only series is Candy’s “Barbie Horror Tribute” discussion, but now that the feature is working again, there will be more.

The app that let’s you upload a picture is still broken (ALL the so-called shortcode – I call it brokecode – apps are broken). Worse, the fixes are worse than the problem. I may have found a new app that will handle photos. If I have to, I will switch to a new app to fix that problem. In the meantime, you can sign up with Facebook or use a gravatar image, or use a site-generated monster image.

Sorry, Updates Under Construction

site update constructionEvery so often, not having learned the old adage “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” WordPress or the app makers “improve” their products.  And that usually means something on my page breaks.  As of right now, two apps are not working — the one that lets you upload a picture to go with your posts (although you can still register with Facebook or default to your gravatar), and the one that lists all the posts in a special series (like my Sundance series or my Oscars series).  I’m trying to get them fixed, but who knows when that will happen!

“Naked Zombie Girl” Added to Sweepstakes

party list thumbnailWhat’s the hottest comic book in Indie horror?  The “Naked Zombie Girl” comic book, of course!  And you can win your very own copy just be helping us list the best parties to be seen in horror (or other SciFiFaHo) movies.  We’ve added a copy of the “Naked Zombie Girl” comic to the iZombie bag – and we’ll keep adding prizes until we’re done with the list.

And posters.  We’re adding two posters to the iZombie bag, too!  There’s one for the movie “Ouija” and one for the movie “Annabelle.”  Both of these are full-sized posters direct from the theatre.

The value of the prize is now over $50 – and we have a long way to go!

To enter the Sweepstakes suggest a category for the party list (or a movie under a category – or just write an “I like that” reply to a topic).  To enter the Sweepstakes, go to the contest page BY CLICKING HERE and following the instructions.

Do you want to know more?
– Do you want to go to the Contest site?  CLICK HERE

Win With the Party List Sweepstakes

party list thumbnailHorror House Party wants to find the thirteen best horror movie parties and is willing to bribe you to help!

Suggest a category (type of horror movie) that should be included on the list to get a chance on a Horror House Party iZombie gift bag.

CLICK HERE to go to the contest site.


Je suis Charlie

Site will be undergoing maintenance 12/26 – 1/10

We will be making changes to the website starting on Christmas and continuing for the first full week of January,  No new posts will be posted during that period, as the sites will be undergoing major changes. (I had hoped this would not take so long, but I was dreaming.) Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Theme Park Website Links Removed

A theme park website previously used by this website for research purposes has recently requested that I remove all links to their website.  As of November 22, 2014, I have removed all links and all references to this website.  I am sorry to have to do this, as I actually find their research thorough and some of their writing provocative.  However, there are other theme park websites I can use for research and I shall be happy to do so from now on.  I am sorry if this inconveniences any of you, Beloved Party Guests.

And the Winners Are:

We have our Grand Prize winner for our Halloween Costume Contest:  Congratulations to:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER -- Captain Jack Rackham by Bette Cassatt

GRAND PRIZE WINNER — Captain Jack Rackham by Bette Cassatt




First, Captain Jack Rackham, whose costume was designed and made by Beloved Party Guest Bette Cassatt.  I can’t help but think that the gorgeous model helped Bette win this one!  Bette will receive the First Place ribbon plus the Grand Prize iZombie bag of goodies!








JUDGES AWARD - MOST ORIGINAL -- The Skullitch by Char Hardin

JUDGES’ AWARD – MOST ORIGINAL — The Skullitch by Char Hardin



Next two special Judge’s Awards for great make-up designs!  The Most Original Costume (make-up) award was won by Beloved Party Guest Char Hardin, who has proven herself a Maven of Horror on yet another level!  Char will receive the “Most Original” ribbon plus something from the Horror House Party prize stash.









JUDGES AWARD - SCARIEST -- The Witch Doctor by Kelli Haley-Gilmore

JUDGES’ AWARD – SCARIEST — The Witch Doctor by Kelli Haley-Gilmore




The Scariest Costume (make-up) award was won by Beloved Party Guest Kelli Haley-Cilmore.  You absolutely MUST check out her make-up channel to learn how she gets her marvelous effects!  Kelli will receive the “Scariest” ribbon plus something from the Horror House Party prize stash.



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