SeaWorld Transforms to a “Must See” Christmas Wonderland

tree of lights at seaworld san diego

If you attend any in-park holiday celebration, make it the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration. Plan to go early and stay late – or, better yet, split your visit into two trips. Yes, there’s that much to see and do!

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“Hotel Transylvania 2″ Great Fun, Lacks Zing (review)

Hotel Transylvania 2

“Hotel Transylvania 2” has all the charm, good-natured fun, and laughs of the original, with a story that lovers of the original monsters are certain to enjoy.

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The New Young “Fantastic Four” Live in a Dark and Unkind World (review)


Whether it is a sequel (in which I hope those two characters will be fine-tuned to make them more palatable), as characters in an X-Men film, or in a full-fledged crossover appearance in the Avengers’ MCU, the Fantastic Four are poised and ready for action.

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Sandler’s “Pixels” Creates the Ideal 80’s Videogame Experience (review)


As of last weekend, “Pixels” has taken in a sweet $57.6 million at the box office, so someone else – lots of someone elses – must have liked this, too. I wonder why?

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Women Will Love “Ant-Man” Even Though They Probably Won’t Go See It (review)


Daddies and daughters have a special bond that are a staple of both tear-jerking and feel-good chick flicks. But daddies and daughters at the heart of a Marvel superhero movie?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Still a Star in “Terminator: Genisys” (review)


In “Terminator Genisys,” Director Alan Taylor does not so much embrace technology as run scared from it – except, of course, from that technology that creates CGI and 3D effects.

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Laugh-Out-Loud “Minions” Chock-Full of Fun, Laughs, and a Life Lesson for Us All (review)


“Minions” is beautifully animated, is chock-full of frantic slapstick and sight gags – and yet still manages to tell an entertaining story with a great take-away for us all.

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Universal Studios’ Jurassic Past: Triceratops Encounter

Triceratops Encounter gave park visitors the opportunity to watch a veterinarian give a physical exam to a “real” (audio-animatronic) Triceratops.

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Universal Studios Theme Parks: The Jurassic Past

Universal Studios Theme Parks' Jurassic Past - Jurassic Park River Adventure

Let’s start our exploration of Universal Theme Parks’ Jurassic Past with the original Jurassic Park River Adventure — a much edgier ride than the one we have now.

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Do Young Girls Have Any Control of Their Emotions? Pixar Says No in “Inside Out.”

Pixar's Inside Out (movie) thumbnail

Perhaps we should take a step back and talk to our kids about how they, and not just their emotions, are in charge of the control panel in their Headquarters.

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