May Horror Flowers, Part 5 – Swamp Thing

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So far this week, we’ve fought a single killer Audrey II, a localized jungle Vine, a worldwide Triffid infestation, and then all plants, everywhere. What could possibly be left? How about a good guy plant – like the one in 1982’s Swamp Thing.
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On its face, 1982’s Swamp Thing has everything going for it. The property had been originated by writer Len Wein and horror artist Berni Wrightson for DC Comics. The film was directed by horror master Wes Craven. The film starred Adrienne Barbeau, Ray Wise, and Louis Jourdan. Yet, as critic J.C. Macik III wrote in PopMatters, “As much fun as this film can be (and it often is), it’s equally often difficult to ignore that Swamp Thing ultimately is, at core, a rubber-suit monster movie.”

Swamp Thing centers on Dr. Alec Holland, a scientist seeking a hybrid between animals and plants. During a struggle over the formula with the villain Arcane, Alec gets covered with it and set on fire. He runs into the swamp and is presumed dead – but, instead, he turned into the Swamp Thing. He still has the brain of Alec Holland, but he’s got super strength and the body of a walking tree. He spends the rest of the film protecting the innocent and fighting the super villain. See? A good guy plant. You can watch the trailer by clicking the picture below.


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DC Entertainment’s legendary muck monster, Swamp Thing, is starring in a new series written by co-creator Len Wein. Now he comes to Funko’s POP! vinyl figures line. Swamp Thing stands 3 3/4″ tall and sports the familiar urban, stylized design. Add Swamp Thing to your collection! Window box packaging. – McC

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