Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

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The first Saturday of May – that’s this Saturday! – is Free Comic Book Day. Since 2002, this event allows comic book lovers – long-time readers and readers new to the genre – to get a free comic book at a participating retailer.
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Most stores that sell comic books participate in Free Comic Book Day. But, before you trek out early Saturday, you may want to double check by going to the official Free Comic Book Day website and checking the Store Locator to see whether your store is participating. If it’s not, enter your zip code and the Locator will direct you to participating retailers in your area.


d - Riverdale Comic

This year, there are fifty (50) different comic books that will be given away. Thirteen are classified as “Gold” and the remaining 37 as “Silver.” A retailer panel selected the twelve as the top-tier “Gold” comic books from among 91 candidates originally submitted. Each is from a different studio (some only hard-core comics fans will recognize). This is where you’ll find Riverdale from Archie Comic Publications, The Avengers / Captain America from Marvel Comics, SuperHero Girls from DC, and more. If you want a Gold book, get there early! Photo Credit: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.



e - Lovecraft Comic

An additional 38 entrants made the cut as Silver comics, Marvel will offer Amazing Spider-Man, and IDW is bringing Star Wars Adventures. As a Lovecraft fan, I am looking forward to getting a copy of the Howard Lovecraft Big Book of Summer Fun from Arcana Studio. Is that Cthulhu on the cover? Photo Credit: Arcana Studio

According to an article in Newsweek, retailers generally allow one free comic book with no purchase necessary. Every store’s policy is different, but it’s customary to purchase something else if you’d like another Free Comic Book Day offering. Get a look at all the books HERE and start making your wish list now. You only have until Saturday morning to do it!




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