Craig Russell’s Gothic Horror Novel to be Columbia Release

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If you know Scots author Craig Russell’s work, you know he’s made his name from hard-boiled detective and crime novels. All that is about to change with the upcoming publication of Where the Devil Hides.
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Craig Russell, well-known author of the Jan Fabel thrillers set in Hamburg, and the Lennox thrillers set in 1950s Glasgow, is trying his hand at a different genre. His gothic horror novel Where the Devil Hides is scheduled for release in hard-cover this October, with a paperback release slated for spring 2019. And according to Deadline Hollywood, even though the novel has yet to be published, it’s already been sold to Columbia Pictures.

Where the Devil Hides is set in an asylum for the criminally insane in 1930s Czechoslovakia. This very special asylum holds only six patients – known as the “Devil’s Six” – the six most dangerous mentally ill criminals in all of Central Europe. Young psychologist Viktor Kosarek believes he can help these patients with new techniques, but is opposed at every turn by the public who live in fear of a killer believed to have some connection with the asylum.

The novel will be published by Doubleday in the US.



“Where the Devil Hides” isn’t due out for several months, but you can get started on another of Russell Craig’s great series/ Lennox is the first book in the series featuring a shady investigator on the tough streets of 1950’s Glasgow. Available now on – SEM

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