Help Kickstart “Baby” the Sea Monster’s Graphic Novel

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Anyone who has had a toddler will tell you they can wreak havoc in the blink of an eye. But what would you do with a toddler who was a sea monster?
Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess


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Baby banner Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess

As regular readers know, this website does, from time to time, bring to the attention of our Beloved Party Guests Kickstater / Gofundme / Patreon campaigns for horror projects as part of Horror House Party’s support and cultivation of the independent horror community. These articles are not endorsements per se (because we do not know the artists we feature). Instead, these are our way of sharing information about projects which have caught our eye.


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And a project that caught our eye this week is the graphic novel Baby ” from writer George O’Connor and illustrator Griffin Ess. Baby tells the story of a young sea monster who destroys Atlantic City – in the most adorable way possible – while an evil cryptozoologist (O’Connor insists they’re a thing!) creates chaos, and a cop tries to protect and serve while the city shakes. Baby is a big book – 118 pages – and includes both the entire original four-issue series (now out of print) plus the print version of special features. Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess



Insert - George Oconnor writeBaby is written by George O’Connor, who has previously collaborated with friend and illustrator, Griffin Ess, on the comic Healed under the Homeless Comics banner. He has contributed stories to anthologies from ComixTribe, GreyHaven and Elevator Pitch Press. Most interestingly (at least to me – I love the title) he has created the 34-episode digital series 664 – The Neighbor of the Beast which is available on YouTube. Not enough for you? George also juggles playing guitar in his metal and punk rock bands – note that one of the available Kickstarter rewards is a custom heavy metal song written and performed by O’Connor! Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess



Griffin Ess illustratorBaby is illustrated by Griffin Ess, who spends most of his time (when he’s not working with O’Connor to create awesome books like Baby) devising ways to help others tap into their creativity. He’s made himself a resource to imaginative people who need their imaginations turned into images, and an adviser to creators who find themselves entangled within their own processes. Ess’s hand-drawn bonus are available as Kickstarter rewards! You can see what he does at Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess



Watch the Kickstarter video by clicking the picture below.

Baby trailer Photo Credit: George O’Connor & Griffin Ess

You can also read the first eight pages of the book HERE, or contribute to the Kickstarter HERE.




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