Jonathan Brazee’s “Fire Ant” Got Us Fired Up!

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Retired Marine colonel and author Jonathan Brazee hit one out of the park with his new book Fire Ant, the first book in The Navy of Humankind: Wasp Squadron series.
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Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay enjoyed exploring space for the Hamdani Exploration Corps – until the limited intelligence in her Hummingbird spacecraft almost got her killed in an encounter with a previously unknown alien species! That experience – and her resulting huge corporate debt – made it a no-brainer to accept the offer to fly for the Directorate Navy. Well, that and the knowledge she would be flying a Wasp, widely acknowledged as the ultimate sports spacecraft.


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The book is a shorter (walking that fine line between novella and novel), breezy read, giving us both well-drawn character images and edge-of-the-seat action. It’s all tied together by the author’s deft hand at interpersonal relationships. Beth’s bunkmate is Mercy Hamlin, a take-no-prisoners YOLO-espousing loudmouth we love on first sight – er, I mean, on first hearing. “Satan’s nuts, girl, you’re a f*cking hobbit!” she tells Beth the first time she sees her, and we’re off and running. Photo Credit: Jonathan Brazee

Beth’s first Navy mission is supposed to be a simple look-see, but (as we are reminded) “no one told the aliens that.” The action sequence is particularly well-written, giving us all a front-row seat in Beth’s spacecraft as she must choose where her duty lies, and stay alive to do it.


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The author, Jonathan Brazee, draws on his own military experiences (he is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a retired Marine colonel) to provide realistic pictures of day-to-day military life. Local readers may be interested to know that among his many educational experiences was a stint at the University of California, San Diego. Photo Credit: Jonathan Brazee

Science fiction fans who love their heroines smart and sassy will find a new favorite to add to their “must-read” list. I know that I, for one, am looking forward to her next adventure.




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