Rainy-Day Movies, Part 3 – The Matrix Revolutions

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In 2003, the The Wachowskis (formerly known as The Wachowski Brothers) wrapped up their Matrix trilogy with The Matrix Revolutions. This film was so mind-blowing that even critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times – who never liked anything else I ever liked – gave the film three out of four stars!
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Just as it turned our notions of reality upside down, The Matrix trilogy, and The Matrix Revolutions also threw our notions of the cinematic uses of rain into a tizzy. This, of course, was no last-minute thought. As Quora.com tells us:

[T]he “falling green code” [for which] the Matrix is so famous, the inspiration for so many screensavers in the early 2000s, was originally designed to allude to the heavy rain in [the finale of The Matrix Revolutions even BEFORE the first movie was finished.

And what wonderful “heavy rain” it was! Because the fight between Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) takes place in the midst of a heavy rainstorm, special effects company ESC was tasked with creating synthetic rain that looked like – and acted like – real rain.

Andy Lomas, CG supervisor, told CGW.com they started by building the rain from the level of a single raindrop. “We started by building a raindrop, and simulated light moving through it.” They then created a system that let them combine drops into ribbons of rain, then maneuver it as necessary. “We could detect how fast the rain was moving and cause it to emit spray when it hit something.”

But not just the CG rain was carefully planned. The real rain, the stuff made of water, was also carefully designed. The UK’s Sunday Express reported that the sprinklers on the set of The Matrix Revolution were fitted with special nozzles to produce “chubby rain,” a water droplet fatter than a normal drop, which, when photographed, would match the dripping CG rain. This matching was important, as the two types of rain would often be blended together. At certain times, shots had to move seamlessly from real rain to CG rain. At others, the CG rain was mixed in so that it poured down in front of or behind real rain.

Why so much work on the rain? Because this rain is not “just” rain. A number of the “raindrops” in the final fight between Neo and Smith are actually single lines of code. The implication is that the Matrix is beginning to destabilize. Although the effect was most easily seen on large movie screens, it can even be seen on television screens – look for banded rain that seems to jump like static. Look for this effect in the trailer (click on the photo below):


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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Time Warner Inc.



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