Rainy-Day Movies, Part 2 – Jurassic Park

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In 1993, Stephen Spielberg made dinosaurs cool again with Jurassic Park. Its portrayal of science run amok with rampaging dinosaurs, greedy scientists, and children in peril, is still breeding sequels today.
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The torrential downpour in Jurassic Park provides us with more than just dark and gloomy atmosphere and a reason to shiver. The storm is the reason events in Jurassic Park unfold the way they do. As one reviewer noted:

Without the storm there is no reason for the staff to leave the island (thus no excuses for a scheming Nedry). Without the storm the cars do not get stopped in front of the T-Rex exhibit. Without the storm, the dinosaurs stay contained. The rain sets up the initial “park failure” and, let’s face it, the wild ride it creates.


And what a ride it is! A ride that is still going strong over twenty years later. You can watch a bit of the original magic by clicking on the picture below.


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