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If you’re reading this website, then we know you love horror. So what could possibly be more exciting than getting new horror books? Getting them for FREE! Art of the Arcane is giving away horror books April 15 – 30, 2018.
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Rainy April days are atmospheric set-ups for great horror stories – and Art of the Arcane has FREE ones just for you. Check out this month’s Art of the Arcane Horror Giveaway by clicking on the “free ebook” button below. You’ll find great books such as:

Book: Charlie Harmer Takes A Ride
Charlie Harmer Takes a Ride by Author Brendan Detzner


A ghost is a dead person with a job. Charlie’s is about to get complicated.



Book: Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer by Author Nick Wisseman


What do you do when a dead writer asks you to help him take vengeance on his murderer?



Book: The Aberration
The Aberration by Author Bard Constantine


Blood spills. A threshold opens. Unearthly abominations emerge. What follows next is called an Aberration.



Book: Lady Bluebeard
Lady Bluebeard by Author Emmanuelle de Maupassant


We are all creatures of the castle.




Book: The Haydock Haunting
The Haydock Haunting by Author C.J. Harter


Imagine you lose your mind . . . and Something is waiting to take its place.




Book: My Friend Louie
My Friend Louie by Author J.J. Johnson


What if your only friend was evil?



Remember, this button will only work from April 15 – 30, 2018. Happy reading!

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