Rainy Day Horror Films, Part 3 – The Ring

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Being kept inside by April showers is no fun – unless you’re watching horror films. This week, we’re looking at horror films in which rain and water have their own important role to play. For day three, let’s watch 2002’s incredibly soggy film “The Ring” – just remember to make a copy for a “friend.”
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What city comes to mind when you think of wet, gloomy weather? For Gore Verbinski, director of The Ring, the first city that came to mind was Seattle, which (according to The Guardian) he called “wet and isolated,” and apparently perfect for his minimalist, avant-garde, supernatural horror film about a cursed videotape. Verbinski noted the weather helped create an “overcast mood,” while the film’s production notes explain the weather added to the “atmosphere of dread.” It’s a good thing that was what he wanted, because MentalFloss reported it rained almost every day of the filming!

Like the other films we’ve watched this week, The Ring (based on the 1998 Japanese film Ringu directed by Hideo Nakata) is wet. Water scenes are prominent throughout, including the evil-spirited child Samara being confined to a well, her father Richard being electrocuted in a bathtub, the inexplicable drowning death of a horse, and Noah (the leading lady’s love interest) dying surrounded by what writer Meaghan Clohessy called “stunningly opaque” water.

Noah’s inexplicable death is the subject of this clip from The Ring, best watched in broad daylight surrounded by warm blankets and hot cocoa. And you’re still going to feel damp, miserable, and scared!

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