Rainy Day Horror Films, Part 1 – Frankenstein

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Being kept inside by April showers is no fun – unless you’re watching classic horror films. This week, we’re looking at horror films in which rain and storms have their own very important role to play. Let’s start with a true classic: the 1931 Universal release, Frankenstein.
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The storm in James Whale’s 1931 film Frankenstein is indeed the storm to end – no, to begin – all storms. Although storms and electricity had but a sparse mention in Mary Shelly’s original work, they would gain iconic stature in Whale’s creation tableau. As one contemporaneous 1931 review stated:

Frankenstein is a young medical student. . . . [O]ne night, as the elements rage in an electrical storm, he puts his theories — and the body he has assembled — to the supreme test. He believes the great ray which first gave life to a squirming mass of slime in a puddle of rain water at the time of earth’s beginning lies in the lightning which pours from the heavens. – The Hollywood Reporter, November 3, 1931.

The doctor begins his experiment. He and his assistant assemble a body from parts and strap it securely to an operating table. Then, as a frightening and spectacular storm flash in the sky above them, they raise the body through the open roof of the tower, permitting lightning to strike the assembled body and the various devices attached to it. When the body sparks it to life, Doctor Frankenstein exclaims that he now knows what it is like to be God and create life.

The dark and stormy creation scene is shown in the clip below. For best effect, watch it with the lights out and a storm raging outside.

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