The Use of Fog in Horror Movies

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We spend most of April complaining about rain. Sure, we may smile and say “April showers,” but it’s rain and it’s cold and it’s wet and we complain. But there are other kinds of April weather we don’t talk about as much. One of them is that horror film staple, fog.
Photo Credit: Vaping Man

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If you watch horror movies, you understand the ambiance provided by fog and mist. Fog is impenetrable. It makes our hearts beat faster and our eyes widen as we try to see (but can’t). No wonder the performers at Knott’s Scary Farm remind you that they’ll “see you in the fog!”

Horror House Party’s good friends at Vaping Man in London (the real one in England) have come up with this amazing infographic to help us all appreciate just how horrifying fog can be!

 The Importance of Fog in Film Photo Credit: Vaping Man


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