April Issue of Middle School Horror Club Newsletter

Rainy Day Annaleigh

The Middle School Horror Club is putting out a monthly newsletter to give readers the up-to-the-minute (well, up-to-the-month, at least) scoop on what’s new at Summer Valley Middle School. This month we’re celebrating the weather as April showers rain down on the club’s members.

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This month’s issue of the newsletter contains a look at the 1986 film April Fools Day and its two siblings, Slaughter High and Killer Party – and all the latest news on what’s going on in the world of Candy Darque.

If you’re looking for something to do when it rains, there are links to a ton of free and almost-free books, as well as link to three Adult Coloring Pages to bring out your artistic side.

Since the newsletter is a work-in-progress, I have no idea what all the features may shake out to be in the future. But I’m sure we’re all going to have a good time figuring it out!

If you want to sign up for the newsletter there is a link on this website (CLICK HERE to go to the sign-up page), or CLICK HERE to go to my Facebook page, where you will see a “Join My List signup” link in the upper left corner. You have to hunt a little, but it’s there. Honest.

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