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What are your favorite fantasy characters? You’ll find them all in Art of the Arcane’s FREE Fantasy Giveaway entitled “Demons, Vampires, and Witches. Oh, my!”
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Looking for a good book to keep your mind busy exploring strange and fantastic new worlds? Art of the Arcane is here to make sure you’re well supplied with FREE fantasy novels, available from April 1 – 15, 2018 ONLY. Click on the FREE BOOK button below to get a look at fantasy (and a few science fiction) books to fit every taste. Choose from Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Epic Fantasy – plus a few selections in Horror and Science Fiction.

Remember, this link will only work from April 1-15, 2018. Happy reading!

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That moment when your dragon is giving you attitude and you have no intention of taking it? It’s captured here in Amy Brown’s “Fantasy Attitude Blue Dragon and Fairy.” And you can enjoy it every morning with your coffee, every evening with your cocoa, and every time you sip tea whilst reading a fantasy novel.

  • Vibrantly printed;
  • 15 ounce ceramic mug;
  • Generous full-sized handle;
  • BPA Free and Proposition 65 compliant;
  • Gift box included;
  • Dishwasher safe (hand-washing recommended);
  • Printed and assembled in the USA;
  • From Tree-Free Greetings


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