Easter Egg Horror Films – Part 4 of 4

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From the egg’s point of view, Easter is a pretty disturbing holiday, with many disturbing traditions. So, let’s do what we do best – and see if we can make a horror film out of it! In our story so far, the eggs gathered in the fridge to tell a dark story about a cult, a mysterious body was found hidden in the bushes, and the skeptic has fallen victim to hubris.

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Our group has heard – and mostly dismissed – the gruesome tale of the cult, our more skeptical members pooh-poohed any attempts to connect the gruesome discovery of the body with the horror legend told in whispers in the refrigerator, and one of those skeptics met her early demise. Let’s move the story forward to its horrifying conclusion. By the logic of horror movies, the person most deeply believing in the cult – and definitely the person most afraid of it – will be the one to uncover its secret rituals. The new scene goes something like this:


The Dying GamePhoto Credit: Mark Parisi / Off the Mark

Today’s meme proves that our skeptical eggs were all wrong, and our Final Girl was right! Here, in the horrifying conclusion, we find the cultists engaging in their bizarre Easter rituals. In fact, the ritual is so depraved that two of the victims are forced to watch and take notes as their fellows succumb to the first stage of the dying process. One can surmise that the best are selected for the ritual we heard discussed at the beginning – they will be boiled! Thank heaven our Final Girl is able to sneak away and save herself!

We at Candy Darque’s Afterparty hope you enjoyed our Easter Egg Horror Movie and that you have a cult-free Happy Easter!


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