Easter Egg Horror Films – Part 3 of 4

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From the egg’s point of view, Easter is a pretty disturbing holiday, with many disturbing traditions. So, let’s do what we do best – and see if we can make a horror film out of it! In our story so far, the eggs gathered in the fridge to tell a dark story about a cult, after which a mysterious body was found hidden in the bushes.

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Now that our group has heard – and mostly dismissed – the gruesome tale of the cult, and our more skeptical members pooh-poohed any attempts to connect the gruesome discovery of the body with the horror legend told in whispers in the refrigerator. Let’s move the story forward by having something horrible happen to a nay-sayer – the skeptic who refuses to take the threat of the cult seriously. By the logic of horror movies, this will lead to a round of “Now do you believe?” challenges and the unmasking of the cult. The new scene goes something like this:


The EggsorcistPhoto Credit: Scott Hilburn / The Argyle Sweater

Today’s meme proves that our skeptical egg and I were both wrong. She was wrong to believe there was no cult after her. I was wrong to believe an egg’s mom had to be a chicken. But it’s now clear that the cult’s bizarre Easter rituals have claimed a new victim. After all, she’s been boiled. And while she’s not been colored, she has been mutilated and prepared for – gasp! – consumption.

But now we’re in a position to move forward again. In fact, we must move forward because we are almost to the egg-citing finale. Monday, in our opening, we covered our exposition, and indicated our first victim. Yesterday, we found we were right about the first victim, and identified the skeptical one who will only be convinced the hard (boiled) way. What’s going to happen in the next scene to move our movie forward? Come back tomorrow and see!

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