Easter Egg Horror Films – Part 2 of 4

egg face thumbnailFrom the egg’s point of view, Easter is a pretty disturbing holiday, with many disturbing traditions. So, let’s do what we do best – and see if we can make a horror film out of it! In our story so far, the eggs gathered in the fridge to tell a dark story about a cult.

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Now that we’ve heard – and mostly dismissed – the gruesome tale of the cult, we need a disturbing incident to tell us that there may possibly some truth to the story. You recall that the first episode mentioned that the ritual involved the ritual “hidden” placement of horribly boiled, body-modified victims behind furniture. Let’s add a scene in which one of our protagonists actually discovers a body. Now, the evidence is still out – this body was not found behind furniture, and we don’t have any evidence of boiling or tattooing – but still, the body was obviously hidden. And by the logic of horror movies, any single coincidence will make at least one antagonist (often the shrewd, Final Girl) connect the dots from the single, mostly unremarkable initial incident to the creepy campfire legend. And the new scene goes something like this:


The First Body is FoundPhoto Credit: PMSLWeb – The Internet Scavengers / Mark Paresi


Perhaps we have found our next victim in this meme. He is the one who sees the first victim but (unlike the Final Girl) does not understand its significance. Blissfully unaware of what evidence he has found, this character will consider our more conspiracy-minded characters to be over-reacting, and he will under-react right up until he backs into the killer’s kitchen and into that pot of boiling water.

But now we’re in a position to move forward again. Yesterday, we saw our exposition, and, as a matter of trope, our first victim. Today, we’ve found the disposable member of our team. What’s going to happen in the next scene to move our movie forward? Come back tomorrow and see!

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