What’s in Your Basket? Peeps Horror Dioramas!

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You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? So there’s absolutely no reason not to celebrate Halloween at Easter. This week, let’s look at some of the ways we can fill a special Scary Easter Basket for our horror-loving friends. So far we’ve added Cadbury Screme Eggs, a plush Feisty Bunny, and a chocolate zombie bunny (yes, you can start with its ears)! Today we’re adding that perennial favorite – or not – Peeps!

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 Horror Peeps banner 1200 x 628Photo Credits: CadburyEgg – Hershey Company; Feisty Bunny – William Mark Corporation; Chocolate Zombie Bunny – Sugar Plum Chocolate; Peeps Aliens Diorama – NBCUniversal


It’s one of the all-time Easter conundrums. Every year, Peeps – those sugary, marshmallow-y chicks and rabbits, wind up on everyone’s list of the top ten best-selling Easter confectioneries. But also every year, Peeps rank high on the everyone’s list of the most hated Easter confectioneries. How can it be both?

Personally, I likes me some Peeps. But what I like even better is watching what creative horror artists make with their Peeps. Peep horror dioramas has taken horror fan art in an entirely new direction. Google it yourself and you’ll see what I mean – there are tons of images out there in the interweb of important, iconic horror scenes recreated with Peeps.


 Aliens Horror PeepsPhoto Credit: Today Show / NBC Universal


That’s the answer, then. The high sales aren’t from people eating them, they’re from people using them as Play-doh! They’re edible art supplies! Therefore, I suggest you fill your Scary Easter Basket with Peeps of all shapes and colors turned into the greatest scenes in horror fandom. If you do create Peep Horror Fan Art, please send the pictures to Horror House Party to share with our Beloved Party Guests.

So, what else goes in our Scary Easter Basket? Come back tomorrow and find out!



Whether you like to eat them or make horror dioramas with them, you’ll need some Peeps this Easter! Here is the perfect assortment of Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies – containing all five colors!

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– Candy

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