What’s in Your Basket? Chocolate Zombie Bunny!

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You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? So there’s absolutely no reason not to celebrate Halloween at Easter. This week, let’s look at some of the ways we can fill a special Scary Easter Basket for our horror-loving friends. So far we’ve added Cadbury Screme Eggs and a plush Feisty Bunny! Today we’re adding chocolate.

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chocolate zombie banner 1200 x 628Photo Credits: CadburyEgg – Hershey Company; Feisty Bunny – William Mark Corporation; Chocolate Zombie Bunny – Sugar Plum Chocolate

2018 total Easter confectionery (candy) spending is expected to reach approximately $2.6 billion, much of that amount spent on chocolate. Americans eat about 18 percent of the world’s chocolate confectionery, about $18.27 billion worth. Over ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced every year, over two-thirds of which are consumed in the U.S. alone (and over half of which are eaten ears first). It’s not surprising, then, that our basket must have that essential holiday symbol, the chocolate rabbit. Again, though, the traditional chocolate rabbit is not going to make our Scary Easter Basket. But the Chocolate Zombie Bunny is!

The Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny was originally conceived as an April Fools Day joke by the popular Social Media site ThinkGeek. Later the site turned the Foolish idea into reality and sold the chocolate confections online. Unfortunately, the site wrote, “the gaggle of regular chocolate bunnies usually available for mid-morning snacks at the ThinkGeek office somehow became infected with a deadly T-Virus. Rather than allowing these delicious infected rabbits to rampage and attack the ThinkGeek staff, we decided to ship them to your house.”

ThinkGeek Chocolate Zombie Bunny


This isn’t just some random chocolate bunny! No, the ThinkGeek Chocolate Zombie Rabbit was “the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent lagomorph you ever set eyes on.” It’s a dirty job, but someone had to save the world, and it appears you were selected. “All you need to do is sneak up on him. . . . Grasp the rabbit firmly in your hands, shove his head in your mouth, and behead him with a single chomp.” See? I told you. Ears first! Sadly, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny is no longer for sale at ThinkGeek; The Afterparty found a replacement (see below).  Photo Credit: ThinkGeek


So, what else goes in our Scary Easter Basket? Come back tomorrow and find out!


The candy artisans at Sugar Plum Chocolate, known for pushing the boundaries of typical holiday chocolate gifts, present their Limited Edition Zombie Easter Rabbit and Victim Set, handcrafted with gourmet white chocolate. Through the same process they used to turn the company’s Easter Chocolate Zombie Bunnies from deadly to delicious, their ChocoScientists have now managed to do the same with the zombie bunnies’ victims! Unfortunately, the team has run out of the serum needed to bring the headless chocolate bunny victims back to chocolate deliciousness, so once these Limited Edition sets are gone, they’re gone.

Comes with one 7.5 ounce Zombie Chocolate Bunny and one headless Victim Bunny. Beautifully wrapped in cello bag with a festive bow and a gift tag. Available now on Amazon.com

– Candy

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