Candy Darque Book Is “Lighthearted, Feel-Good Read”

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The like us! They really like us! Book 1 in the Middle School Horror Club book series was reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads recently. The result? “Candy Darque, Eighth-Grade Vampire” was found to be a “lighthearted, feel good read.”


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My thanks to Tai Manivong for writing this awesome review of “Candy Darque, Eighth-Grade Vampire,” and for giving me permission to share it with the members of the Middle School Horror Club. Here is Tai’s review in its entirety:

Tai Manivong’s review, dated Mar 14, 2018, of Candy Darque, Eighth-Grade Vampire (Middle School Horror Club Book 1), by Susan Morton

Lighthearted, feel good read.

Candy Darque and her friends want to create a horror club as part of an English class assignment. The story revolves around the process of creating a club and all the problems that go along with it. Candy was born a vampire so it is more of a coming of age story than a vampire story. Candy has to learn how to deal with this change in her body, while keeping it secret. It is not a sudden, but gradual change throughout the novel. Thankfully she has a very helpful big sister to show her the ropes.

Candy is likeable and I found myself wanting to know more about her and how she will deal with her vampire powers. She is not manipulative and seems to care genuinely about her grades and friends. Her powers seem to give her a heads up in situations, but she is more of a passive user of power instead of knowing how to use them to her advantage. I wish the book included more vampire incidents or more uses of her power, which may be in store in book 2.

I felt that this book is for upper middle grade or young adults rather than elementary school age. I would have enjoyed the book more it did not have so many references that would appeal to older readers and young readers may not understand the references, such many rated R horror movies, references to “Dirty dancing” and “The Walking Dead”. Many of the jokes or videos would probably not have been seen by teens of this generation. There was also joke about a negligée and I would rather not explain what that is to a younger reader.

What I like about the book was in inclusion of multi-racial characters and immersion of the French language. I also enjoyed the dialogue throughout the novel and the light humor. Overall this book is a light hearted feel good read and would probably appeal to 12 and 13 year olds that it was intended for.”

The reviewer, Tai Manivong, is the author of Crimson (The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, #1), now available from in Kindle and paperback. You can find Tai, her books, and her reviews on Goodreads.



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