What’s in Your Basket? Cadbury Screme Eggs!

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You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? So there’s absolutely no reason not to celebrate Halloween at Easter. This week, let’s look at some of the ways we can fill a special Scary Easter Basket for our horror-loving friends. And the first things we’ll put in it are Cadbury Screme Eggs!

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According to the people who track these things, 2018 is shaping up to be one of the top (if not the top) grossing Easter seasons in United States history. Total Easter spending is expected to reach approximately $18.2 billion, of which $2.6 billion will be spent on candy. (Yes, Easter is an even bigger candy-buying holiday than Halloween – who knew that rabbits poured so much money into the economy?)

One of the most iconic Easter candies is the Cadbury Creme Egg. The candy consists of a thick chocolate shell over a white and yellow fondant filling made to look like the inside of a chicken’s egg. These eggs are the best selling candy in the UK between New Year’s Day and Easter, the only time they are available.

In the United States, Cadbury Creme Eggs are sold by Hershey Company. The eggs became an iconic Easter candy with a beloved series of television commercials featuring a rabbit that clucked like a chicken (and presumably laid the eggs). Later ads included various animals, including a lion, donning bunny ears to “audition” for the role of the Cadbury bunny. Although not reaching the rarified status of their UK cousins, Cadbury Creme Eggs regularly rank among the top ten best-selling Easter candies each year.

Cadbury Screme Egg with Green YolkFor our purposes, however, the regular Cadbury Creme Egg with its yellow “yolk” just won’t do. We need a horror version. And Hershey Company and its Canadian counterpart Cadbury Adams (a subsidiary of Mondelez International, Inc.) make just the thing: the Cadbury Screme Egg, a ghoulish version of the original with an oozing green center, sold at Halloween. Best of all, due to the foresight of horror candy hoarders, you can buy them now, for Easter, here on eBay. (And in October, don’t forget to think ahead and stock up!) Photo Credit: Hershey Company


Cadbury Screme Eggs (spooky)

Photo Credit: Cadbury Adams / Mondelez International

Like their Easter cousins, the Halloween versions were supported by an amazing advertising campaign that placed them in spooky settings. The television advertisements were fully-plotted mini-movies. (There is even a detailed ad agency website explaining the intricate planning that went into them.) This one, for example, involved egg zombies:

Television ad (for link)So, what else goes in our Scary Easter Basket? Come back tomorrow and find out!


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