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There’s really no other choice for binge-watching this coming weekend – it’s got to be the Leprechaun series starring Warwick Davis. But when you’ve finished watching all six of those films, there’s a seventh you may be tempted to watch. That film is the 2014 series reboot Leprechaun: Origins.

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You may want to stay strong and resist that temptation. Leprechaun: Origins. is only nominally (literally nominally) related to the first six films, and, as is common to so many rebooted franchises, tried to “horror-ize” the franchise by removing all the humor, wit, and camp that the series had come to represent. The film was generously described as being “a little darker, a little more traditional horror than the Warwick Davis ones that people remember.”

I strongly suggest you enjoy the buzz of Davis’ Saint Pat’s six-pack, and save the reboot for a viewing at some future date (maybe next St. Patrick’s Day) when you are able to enjoy it entirely on its own merits (such as they are).

Leprechaun: Origins. was directed by Zach Lipovsky from a script by Harris Wilkinson. Dylan Postl (better known by his WWE name “Hornswoggle”) played the role of Lubdan the leprechaun. Unfortunately, the film was poorly received, with many complaints focusing on the film’s numerous clichés. The film’s plot is very familiar.

The film follows four American college students who are vacationing at a village in the Irish countryside. One of the students, Sophie (played by Stephanie Bennett), is a history major and is quite interested in the tales of the village’s past as a gold mining center. The students learn too late that when the gold mine eventually played out, the villagers who did not leave the area entered into an evil bargain with the leprechaun who owned the gold. In exchange for gold, the villagers agreed to sacrifice at least two humans each year. Not wanting to sacrifice themselves, the villagers sacrifice tourists instead. After the predictable cat-and-mouse plot, only Final Girl Sophie is able to escape.

Here’s your quick peak at 2014’s Leprechaun: Origins:

Trailer Link for Leprechaun Origins (reboot)Photo Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment / WWE Entertainment


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