Tales from the Middle School Horror Club Launches This Month

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If you didn’t read your newsletter yet, you may not be aware that Middle School Horror Club has big news. Another book is launching this month! It’s called Candy Darque’s Week Off, and brings you up-to-date with the activities of Candy and the Sixtette.


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book launch bannerAt the end of Candy Darque, Eighth-Grade Vampire, the Sixtette really needed a vacation. Candy and her friends decided to take it easy before starting on plans for the school’s Halloween Carnival. But that isn’t what happened. Instead of a having a week off, Candy, Masato, Annaleigh, and Vicky have just one week to participate in the school’s Activity Fair and get enough members (at least 20) to meet the school’s requirements for an official organization. Of course, they won’t stop there. They’re going to need more than 20 new members to bring their planned Halloween carnival to Summer Valley.

Candy Darque’s Week Off is just one of the four short reads in this first book in the Tales from the Middle School Horror Club series. While the main series focuses on Candy Darque and her life as a middle-school vampire, the Tales series is designed to give you an opportunity to learn more about the other members of the Sixtette and their friends and families.

In addition to the novella Candy Darque’s Week Off, you’ll get three short stories focusing on other club members:

  • Join one of Annaleigh’s Dungeons and Dragons® gaming sessions with Brent in the short story The Protector ;
  • Peek in on Rowena’s first fashion photography session with Ayato in Picture Perfect ; and
  • Go behind-the-scenes at the making of Vicky’s and Chris’s mad scientist skit in Weird Science Club .

Four great short reads, just for you in Candy Darque’s Week Off. Look for it later this month on Amazon.com.

If you haven’t read the first book, Candy Darque, Eighth-Grade Vampire, there’s still time – and you want to be sure and read it before the new book comes out!


Meet Candy Darque, a typical eighth-grader who just happens to be a vampire. All Candy wants is to have her proposed Horror Club accepted as an official school organization! But how can she concentrate when her fangs pop out in the cafeteria? Or when she accidentally hypnotizes her entire class? Order the paperback ”Candy Darque Eighth Grade Vampire” from Amazon.com and see what happens. – SEM

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