Your Favorite Monsters – Including Godzilla – Are Now in San Diego!

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Do you have a favorite monster? A unicorn, perhaps – a good omen, with healing magic in her horn. Or maybe a werewolf – once a month, during a full moon, man transforms into his animal nature. Whatever your favorite, you’ll enjoy this exhibit at San Diego’s Museum of Man.
Photo Credit: Museum of Man

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Monsters Godzilla bannerPhoto Credit: Museum of Man

Right now, at San Diego’s Museum of Man, you can enjoy “Monsters!” featuring magical and mythical creatures for kids of all ages. Here you will find all kinds of beasts to fuel your imagination – beasts both familiar and strange, real and imagined, kind-hearted and troublesome. You’ll get a look at their history and culture, learning where each comes from, what each looks like, how each behaves, and – possibly most important – how you can defeat each one! Silver bullet anyone?

The Museum of Man has pulled out all the stops to create a memorable exhibition. They’ve reached into their collections and brought out unusual “monster” artifacts – and even borrowed some from the collections of other museums! we’ve borrowed a few from other museums, as well, just to make sure the exhibit is chock-full of cool stuff.

What all can you do at this exhibit? You can:

  • Make a monster of your own;
  • Put on a play with strange creatures;
  • Find out how to defend yourself from monsters’ wily ways;
  • Learn the truth about monster legends; and
  • Explore monster habitats, including caves, the sea, under the bed, and elsewhere!

This is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind exhibit, loaded with fun for the whole family. Featured creatures include: manticores, unicorns, werewolves, Leshies, and, of course, (I always leave the best for last) Godzilla!

Tickets are available on the Museum of Man website; admission to the Monsters exhibition is included with general admission.



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