“Cannibals” Exhibition Continues at Museum of Man

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According to San Diego’s Museum of Man, cannibals are not the people you think they are! In this special exhibition, you’ll learn that, historically, cannibals have been really warriors, kings and queens, sailors, colonists, accident survivors, and the sick.
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Cannibalism is one of the staples of horror. It’s one of the great taboos – we don’t eat other people (even Guardians of the Galaxy recognized this). But that hasn’t always been true. At various times in history, warriors from many cultures, including Native Americans, were know to eat the heart of their brave enemies in order to assume their courage. At various times, European kings and queens, American and European sailors, American colonists, accident survivors, and the sick were all known to have reasons to break the taboo.

A visit to the thoughtful exhibition “Cannibals” at San Diego’s Museum of Man will get you behind the well-used horror tropes to the cultural and historical truth – which is complicated. As the Museum’s Director of Exhibit Development, Dr. Emily Anderson, stated in an KPBS interview, visitors can “step into the shoes of people who were faced with real, difficult decisions” and ask themselves the unthinkable questions: “Given the same circumstances, would [I] make the same choices? Can I empathize with that person? Do I understand what happened?”

This unique exhibit is open now. “Cannibals” is recommended for ages 10 and up. Tickets are available on the Museum of Man website.


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