Watch Aliens Attack the Las Vegas Strip!

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Exactly how far is Area 51 from the Las Vegas Strip? Apparently, not far enough, because we have it on good authority that aliens will be attacking the Strip on February 7, 2018. And you can see them, too, if you ride the newly revamped Big Apple Coaster at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.
Photo Credit: New York-New York Hotel and Casino


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NYNY Big Apple Virtual Reality Coaster BannerPhoto Credit: New York-New York Hotel and Casino

According to MGM, the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas “will take attraction rides to new levels when The Big Apple Coaster Virtual Reality Experience debuts February 7.” The company promises that this latest re-vamping of the Manhattan Express coaster “will combine thrill-seekers’ need for speed with advanced, immersive graphics, resulting in a 4D experience that’s out of this world.”

The Big Apple Coaster Virtual Reality Experience is the first virtual reality ride to incorporate popular current landmarks into its visuals. The ride is all the more exciting because it combines those visuals with real G forces, drops, and the excitement of a high speed roller coaster.

Your adventure into alternate reality begins as riders don virtual reality headsets, which places you into the role of a scientist in hot pursuit of an alien that escaped your research facility. This is a Very Bad Thing, so you must chase this alien through the Nevada desert and up the Strip. Can you capture the escaped creature before he and his minions destroy the Las Vegas Strip? (I hope so – I’ll be visiting there this November).

In its review of the ride, The LA TImes noted that the virtual reality coaster “banks past Mandalay Bay, loops over the Luxor sphinx, flies past the Excalibur castle, and dives down the side of New York-New York’s version of the Chrysler building” then moving “past the Bellagio fountains, over the erupting Mirage volcano, and through a keyhole in the MGM marquee sign” before stopping. That sounds to me like a detailed and thorough tour of the Las Vegas Strip – if you don’t mind taking your tour in the midst of an apocalypse.

Yes, of course I saved the best until last. MGM has graciously provided us with a top-secret video of the monsters that attack Las Vegas! And you can see it by clicking on the photo below.

Big Apple Coaster AnimationTickets are $20 for The Big Apple Coaster Virtual Reality Experience, but riders can ride without the VR glasses for $15. All riders must be at least 54” to ride, and must be at least 13 years old to ride with virtual reality.

All photos courtesy of New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.


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