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Due to technical advancements in both WordPress (the software on which this website runs) and Graphene (the overlay which makes it easy to read), this website crashed – completely – at the beginning of December 2017.
Photo Credit: Designed by Freepik


After consultation with a technical expert, the site was eventually recovered and it has been limping along since then. It was determined that the structure of this site needed to be updated in order to keep it from having similar difficulties in the future.

Part of this update requires the move of approximately 500 articles and 1,000 or more photographs from other places in Horror House Party and The Afterparty to the thread you are now reading. This point in the thread marks the line of demarcation between the new (primarily 2018) posts and the old (2014 through 2017) posts. All the new posts are ABOVE this point, and all the older posts are BELOW it. (The good news is that all book news and reviews will now be in a separate, easy to find, thread).

I expect this to be a long process, and I appreciate your patience. Thank you for your support of Susan’s Book Party