Think You’re Not Claustrophobic? Watch These Films and Think Again!

Buried (claustrophobia) thumbnailOkay, I get it. You aren’t claustrophobic. You don’t wince when Ryan Reynolds (a/k/a Deadpool) says his bedroom was really a closet (yes, there’s a reason I’m mentioning Ryan Reynolds). You go through those dark, tiny hallways at Haunt and never flinch when something jumps out at you. I’m not saying I don’t believe you; I’m just saying that there are a few films that might make you rethink that. And here are the top six in an infographic.
Photo Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment

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Buried banner (claustrophobia)Photo Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment

There are many horror movies that rely on the fear of close spaces for their effectiveness. And several of them are shown in this infographic, provided to Horror House Party by our good friends at 1st Storage Centers


If you haven’t already seen 2010’s “Buried” (that’s the most claustrophobic film on the list), you can get a look at what you’ll see in this clip:

Trailer link for BuriedPhoto Credit: Lionsgate Entertainment

Even scarier, though, is the ending, which just might keep you awake nights. (See? I told you there was a reason I mentioned Ryan Reynolds!)

Did your favorite make the list? If not, let us know in the comments.


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