Sleeping Beauty Gets Her 55th Anniversary Diamonds

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It’s hard to imagine today, but Disney’s 1959 animated film “Sleeping Beauty” was so poorly received that it was almost the end of the Disney princesses. The next princess film wasn’t made until 30 years later – do you know who she was? (Hint: This princess had red hair – and a tail!)
Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Company

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Diamond Sleeping Beauty bannerPhoto Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Disney himself had high hopes for the film, giving it a budget that exceeded $6 million in 1959 (that’s almost 50 million in today’s dollars). Clearly, “Sleeping Beauty” was Walt Disney’s most lavish and expensive animated feature at the time it was made. One reason was that Disney was determined to make the characters as realistic as possible. To assure the animators got it right, he had a live-action film shot with actors posing as Sleeping Beauty, the Prince, and Maleficent for the animators to follow.

Today we recognize “Sleeping Beauty” for the classic it is. And now that it’s 55 years old, Disney is giving it the royal treatment it deserves. A new DVD will be released on October 6, with loads of special features, including alternate and deleted scenes, tons of artistic commentary, and even sing-along karaoke! The Diamond Edition makes the magic real, as you experience all the pageantry and power of “Sleeping Beauty” on Blu-ray (and for the first time ever on Digital HD) with a high-definition picture and thrilling, soaring sound.

The Diamond Edition comes with multiple special features:

  • Three special deleted / alternate scenes:
    ….The Curse Is Fulfilled,
    ….The Arrival Of Maleficent, and
    ….The Fair;
  • Once Upon A Parade: Join Sarah Hyland from ABC’s “Modern Family as she tells us the magical tale of Walt Disney World’s new Festival Of Fantasy Parade;
  • The Art Of Evil: Generations of Disney villains;
  • @DisneyAnimation: Artists In Motion — Join Walt Disney Animation visual development artist Brittney Lee as she goes through the process of creating a three-dimensional sculpture of Maleficent – completely out of paper;
  • Beauty-Oke: “Once Upon a Dream”;
  • Picture Perfect: The making of “Sleeping Beauty”;
  • Eyvind Earle – A Man and His Art; and
  • Audio Commentary with John Lasseter, Andreas Deja, and Leonard Maltin.

You can click on the picture below to see the trailer for this exciting Diamond Edition of “Sleeping Beauty”:

Diamond Edition trailer (for link)Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Company

The DVD will be released on October 6, 2014.


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