Monster High Kids Star in Awesome “Clawesome” Double Feature

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The newest in the Monster High DVD series has hit the shelves. Called “Monster High Clawesome Double Feature,” the DVD features two separate 45 minute mini-movies: “Escape from Skull Shores” and “Fright On!”
Photo Credit: Mattel Inc.

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“Escape from Skull Shores” finds the Monster High gang enjoying Spring Break fun on a spooky island featuring living tiki statues serving drinks. The entertainment director is trying to put on nightclub-type entertainment, but is having a tough time of it. When you think about tit, this is not surprising when the audience consists of vampires, werewolves, mummies, and zombies.

In “Fright On!,” Monster High is forced to merge with all the other monster high schools in the area, resulting in feuding between the newly integrated members of Vampire High and Werewolf High.

You can see the official trailer by clicking on the photo below:

Monster High Clawesome trailer (for link)Photo Credit: Mattel Inc.

This set comes with both Blu-ray and DVD discs. Fans of the series can find it in stores now.




If your video library is collected on discs, you’ll want to order “Monster High Clawesome Double Feature” on DVD or Blu-ray from Sorry, this item is not available through Amazon Video. – Candy

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