Trailer Released for “Conjuring” Prequel “Annabelle”

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Are you a fan of creepy dolls? Do you maybe even have a creepy doll collection? Then you’re just going to luuuuv the upcoming “Annabelle” movie!
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Time Warner Inc.

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Annabelle bannerPhoto Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Time Warner Inc.

Before “The Conjuring,” there was a doll. And the doll’s name was “Annabelle.”

“Annabelle” the movie goes back in time from the doll’s appearance in “The Conjuring.” The film traces its loving history from the time when the doll was given as a gift by a doting husband to his very-pregnant wife Lydia. Delighted, Lydia adds Annabelle-the-doll to her doll collection. If you have seen “The Conjuring,” you already know how well that turns out.

Cast credits include Ward Horton as the loving husband and creepy doll purchaser John, as well as actors Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, and Eric Ladin. In a creepy coincidence, the actress playing Lydia is the talented and synonymously named Annabelle Wallis. James Wan directs.

You can now get a peek at the movie! Warner Bros. Entertainment and New Line Cinema have released the trailer – and you can watch it below!

annabelle trailer linkPhoto Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Time Warner Inc.

The movie is scheduled to open October 3, 2014.


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