Why Scary Books Are Good for You

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Question: Why do you read (or watch) “all that dark stuff”?
Answer: Because it’s good for me!
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The next time a grown-up — whether a loving-but-concerned parent, a well-meaning aunt, or a teacher who has taken one too many psychology courses – asks you why you read or watch “that dark stuff,” you have an answer. You read scary books and watch scary movies because they are good for you!

Author and artist Greg Ruth has drafted an extremely thoughtful and comprehensive defense of scary books and movies and published it on the Tor Books website. In it, he argues that kids live in a world of unpredictable (he actually said insane, but I’m being nice) “giants” who tell them everything is fine — but who clearly are not in control. It’s a spooky time to be a kid and the kids are already scared, Ruth argues, but horror can give kids the tools to deal with that fear.

So show this article to Mom and Dad, maybe send the link to your interfering aunt, and by all means, make a copy for your teacher. Oh – and stop wearing all black. They just don’t get that.



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