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Entertainment Weekly Compiles “The Essentials” for Children

Popcorn thumbnail

Pop some corn, get the Entertainment Weekly film list, then get ready to introduce your children to some of the best movies ever made!

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A Cat Is a Cat, But a Kitty’s Not That

Hello Kitty thumbnail

The feline-loving world was just hit with a bombshell: Hello Kitty, our favorite pink and white feline, is not a cat!

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Halloween Three Possibly on Track for 2015

Halloween 3 thumbnail

Let’s take a look at the most recent rumors about a new Halloween film. Could we start filming in 2015? I certainly hope so!

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What Lives in the Ocean and Kills? The Answer Is Not What You Think!

Killer Mermaid thumbnail

It’s not just Princess Aurora on a really bad day – it’s a real Killer Mermaid. Mysterious. Irresistible. Deadly.

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Thanks to Wil Wheaton, We Have a Name!

SciFiFaHo thumbnail

Trust the man who played Wesley Crusher to come up with a name for the genre films we all love!

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Sleeping Beauty Gets Her 55th Anniversary Diamonds

Diamond Sleeping Beauty thumbnail

Walt Disney’s beloved classic “Sleeping Beauty” gets the star treatment it deserves in this Diamond Edition release honoring the film’s 55th anniversary.

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Frozen Fantasy to Debut at Tokyo Disneyland

Frozen Fantasy Tokyo thumbnail

Frozen Summer Fun is moving from Walt Disney World in Orlando to Tokyo, Japan, where it will become “Elsa and Anna’s Frozen Fantasy.”

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McCabria’s All Wet – Are You?

ALS McCabria thumbnail

My sister McCabria is all wet from taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here’s why you should be, too.

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Scream Factory Releases Second Vincent Price Collection

Scream Factory VPC2 thumbnail

For many of us, Vincent Price’s name will always be synonymous with horror. Happily, Scream Factory is giving him the homage he deserves with this second collection of his films, including such favorites as “The Raven” and “The House on Haunted Hill.”

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Finally! The “Shaun of the Dead” Sequel We Wanted – Or Is It?

Shaun of the Dead

Could “Phineas and Ferb” be bringing us the “Shaun of the Dead” sequel for which we’ve been waiting?

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Tales of Poe Premiere Photo Gallery

Tales of Poe movie premiere

Tales of Poe, the anthology film by Mastropieces and Southpaw Pictures, premiered August 20, 2014 at the Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and Horror House Party was there to photograph the gala event.

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Giant Sequel Godzilla 2 Announced

Godzilla 2 thumbnail

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have announced that they really big news for us about Godzilla. Get it? Big news?

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How Important Is Canon, Anyway?

Maisie Williams thumbnail

Are “Game of Thrones” fans truly being snobby when they moan about changes from George RR Martin’s book? It all depends how you feel about canon.

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Tales of Poe a Dizzying Journey in Sound, Sight, and Imagination (Review)

Tales of Poe thumbnail

Horror House Party was privileged to attend the debut of Tales of Poe, the imaginative and artistic retelling and the breathtaking imagining of three of Edgar Allan Poe’s horror masterpieces.

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“Vampire Chronicles” Bought by Universal for Imagine Entertainment

Lestat thumbnail

Will there be new movies coming based on Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles”? We “Imagine” the answer is yes!

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Children’s Film Festival Continues This Summer

skull thumbnail

Your children can enjoy wonderful children’s films from all over the world at the San Diego Children’s International Film Festival!

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New Silent Hills Game Under Construction

Norman Reedus thumbnail

Savor these names: Norman Reedus. Guillermo Del Toro, Silent Hills. I’ll wait while you catch your breath . . .

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Night at the Museum 3 Wraps Up the Series for Christmas

New Ben Stiller thumbnail

Travel with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and friends to the British Museum in the third installment of “Night at the Museum.”

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Are Barbie Dolls Legitimate Fangirl Collectibles?

New batgirl thumbnail

Collecting Barbie superhero dolls and designing Barbie anime outfits deserve to be celebrated to the same extent as finding all the pieces to a vintage G.I. Joe playset, dontcha think?

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Clive Barker to Assist with “Hellraiser” Documentary “Leviathan”

Leviathan documentary thumbnail

“Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser II” takes it to the next level with the announcement of participation by writer-director Clive Barker.

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