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FTC Disclosure and Advertising Policy

In accordance with FTC guidelines, this page outlines the ways in which Horror House Party dot Com generates revenue from this site.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by email at Dreaditor [ at ] HorrorHouse Party [ dot] Com. (Yes, you know how to type this, but – hopefully – spambots don’t.) You can also contact us by using the contact form to the right of this document.

This website, is a gathering spot for fans of all ages to discuss horror and related-genre books, movies, and attractions. We provide four basic types of features: short news stories of 100-150 words with a single illustration, editorial blogs of 500-750 words, illustrated with multiple photographs, and topic posts in our discussion forums. It is important to note that we do not receive any compensation for any of these features unless they are clearly marked with a financial disclaimer.  This website also provides games provided by outside vendors, which are sponsored.

We pride ourselves in offering provocative insights or breaking news on the myriad items we cover. In order to do so, we rely on the monetary support of our sponsors to help us cover business and operational expenses and to obtain content for our features. That being said, we only consider advertisers whose products or services we would recommend to friends and family in the absence of any compensation. In other words, we are very picky about our sponsors.

We will be sure to stay accurate and punctual in updating our FTC disclosure as our situation changes. For your reference, these are the specific ways in which we currently generate revenue through our website:

Affiliate Links

To help spread the word about our favorite products, books, movies, and experiences, we may include an “affiliate link” on our site to help simultaneously generate revenue. This is most commonly in the form of an image that will link to a brand’s website. Should you choose to buy anything from them immediately after clicking through from, they will pay us a small commission of the sale for the referral.

Horror House Party is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Sponsored Advertisements

These are image-based advertisements that run along the right hand side of the page. In return for the advertising space, each sponsor will compensate us in some way.  This can include monetary payments, complimentary products, or reciprocal brand exposure.


Every now and then, we will receive complimentary products (including books and tickets to movies or amusement parks) in order to possibly review them for our readers. While we are glad to receive such items and evaluate different works, we will only feature what we would personally recommend to friends and family without such financial incentive. In other words, you aren’t hearing about something just because we got it for free, but because we actually like it.

Contests and Promotions

Every now and then, we will receive complimentary swag from a company promoting a book, an event or a film, hoping for some publicity through a contest. This swag will then be given to you, dear readers, through contests or give-aways. Such contests or other promotions should be considered to be sponsored.

Game Content for Advertising

All games on this website are provided by game companies in exchange for advertising within the game, both for the gaming company and for advertisers who contracted with the gaming company to place ads in the games. These games should be considered to be sponsored.


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July 2, 2015 – Added information about this site’s new status as an Amazon Affiliate.